Professor Bingo’s Saga

In 2000, the character of Professor Bingo appears for the first time in two novels, Professor Bingo and Professor Bingo and the New Advancing World. He is a tragicomic antihero and the prototype of stoic resistance to the disintegration of the world of education; he is also the metaphor of the ‘outfit’ that, by not accepting the rules imposed by society, has to be marginalized. In 2006 the character returns in the collection of short stories This School is not an Enterprise! and in The Ides of March (2008). These stories depict the contemporary ‘school-company’ in a critical and satirical way. In 2010 the articles written by the author in various magazines and websites over the past decade were published in the volume Professor Bingo’s Pills 2000/2010 – Ten Years Lived dangerously within the Italian School System. In 2018 the theatre piéce The Factory of Stupidity was printed.

Il professor Bingo e la fabbrica dei cretini

Editore : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2018)

Il Dodecalogo

Editore : GILDA degli insegnanti (2008)

Le pillole del professor Bingo 2000-2010

Editore : Damster (2010)

Questa scuola non è una azienda! I racconti del prof. Bingo

Editore : Pendragon (2006)

Il professor Bingo e il nuovo che avanza

Editore : Edizioni Il Fiorino (2000)

Il professor Bingo

Editore : Edizioni Il Fiorino (2000)

Noir fiction

Scrivere o uccidere

Editore‏ : Damster (2021)

Dark City

Editore‏‏ : Solfanelli (2013)

Runaway – Fuga a Venezia

Editore : Edizioni Il Fiorino (2003)


Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy


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