Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy

Year : 2016

Finalist of the international literary prize “The Write Stuff” at the London Book Fair 2015

Can a non-fictional book be as interesting as a page-turner fictional plot?

Can it be at the same time a tycoon’s biography, a mafia tale, a gangster story, a political thriller, an essay on democracy, a dystopia, a sociological analysis of a nation, a scandalous sex story? If the subject matter is Silvio Berlusconi’s incredible story and Italy, the answer is yes.

This book, in fact, is a unique portrait of Italy’s godfather and also a detailed picture of Italian society, an attempt to let the foreign reader understand how it has been possible for a mafia-linked business magnate and media tycoon, constantly in trouble with justice and drenched in vice, to become the most popular political leader, Prime Minister and the absolute master of the country for the last twenty years.

It is evident that Berlusconi is the personification of corruption, of disrespect for the law, of the liaison organized crime – politics, of immoral behaviour, typical features of the ‘immoral majority’ of the country. Still, there are many open questions that this book tries to answer:

  • How come Berlusconi grabbed complete control of all Italian information and used it as a Weapon of Mass Deception that turned viewers into faithful voters?
  • How was he able to pass laws ad-personam that made him almost untouchable by the Judicial Power and favoured his business and financial activities in an unfair game?
  • Can we say that Berlusconi is the very symbol of a concentration of political, economic and media power in one single person never seen before, a fact that has created the greatest conflicts of interests in the Western World, or is he just another pawn in a bigger game?
  • What is hidden under Italy’s well-known surface beauty, artistry and creativity? Does Dante’s underworld Inferno still exist today?


Fascinating story… good topical subject. Great read, fantastic feature. A call to action to your reader.

Alison Jones
publisher, Practical Inspirational Publishing

Incredibly brave… the book is valuable… Berlusconi is a huge enigma… I like to buy these journalist’s books… incredibly brave to have written it in English… tremendous subject

Toby Mundy 
literary agent, Toby Mundy Associates (TMA)

I found myself hugely engaged because one couldn’t fail to be with the subject and also with your charm…

Marc Lucas 
literary agent, chairman of Lucas Alexander Whitley (LAW)

It’s got merit… incredibly interesting topic… I am glad you brought it out.

Lorella Belli 
literary agent, Lorella Belli Associates (LBA)

I have read your book with great interest. It’s truly amazing to read about a culture so unbelievable and impenetrable to an outsider

Anthony Drury
Principal at Language Studies International Brighton

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