Vittorio Vandelli is a teacher of English Language and Literature, an author, a translator, an essayist, a musician and a TV show host. 

He attended university in Bologna during the ‘lead years’ of terrorism that followed the rebellious sixties. He graduated in American Literature with a thesis on R. Chandler and the ‘hard-boiled novel’. He has published three noir novels so far: Runaway-fuga a Venezia (Runaway to Venice, 2003), Dark City (2013), Scrivere o Uccidere (Writing or Killing, 2021) – go to noir fiction. He is the author of the so-called Saga del professor Bingo (Professor Bingo’s Sage), satirical fiction on education starring the rebellious teacher: the novels Il professor Bingo (2000), Il professor Bingo e il nuovo che avanza (Professor Bingo and the new advancing world, 2001), the short stories collection Questa scuola non è una azienda! – I racconti del professor Bingo (This School is not an Enterprise! – Professor Bingo’s Short Stories, 2006), the novella Il professor Bingo e le Idi di Marzo (Professor Bingo and the Ides of March, 2008), the essay collection Le Pillole del prof. Bingo 2000-2010 (Professor Bingo’s Pills 2000-2010), the play La fabbrica dei cretini (The Factory of Stupidity, 2018) – Go to Professor Bingo’s Sage.

In 2015 he was the first Italian author shortlisted for the final at the London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff contest with the non-fiction book Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy – a Portrait of the Country and its Godfather.

Vandelli loves folk and rock music, cinema and travelling. He has held courses and ‘performing’ lectures on music, cinema and literature for decades. As a musician, he has written and performed concerts dedicated to great American musicians with his band The Blue Raincoats in the 2010s. His last show is called Elvis ’24 Comeback – go to cultural activities.

In 2023 he hosted the TV show Come On – Let’s Go on TRC TV network.

In 2023 he updated Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy – a Portrait of the Country and its Godfather, now a definitive biography of the protagonist and of contemporary Italy.