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Elvis ’24 Comeback: (April 19, 2024 + upcoming dates in 2024)

Before… there was black music, gospel, blues and rhythm-and-blues, and there was white music, country-western and bluegrass. Then came Elvis Presley, who, by combining black and white, gave birth to rockabilly and rock-and-roll: from then on nothing would ever be the same again. This show is our musical homage to Elvis, we’ll tell and sing Elvis our way.

The English language ballad from the Middle Ages to today: connections and contaminations (2024)

The ballad is the oldest literary genre, halfway between poetry and popular music. The stories it tells are open windows into English and American history from its origins to the present day. It is a popular genre that is easy to share, made to be sung, full of links between various historical periods and various nations, forming a permanent connection between the past and the present. We are going to make an excursion from its origins to today made up of music, songs, live performances, video material, examples of ‘high’ literature, highlighting similarities and connections between distant periods. And we will understand a lot about the peculiar history of America, the last virgin land, with its hope for a different world that modern history has granted.

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March 23, 2024: Dark Ladies: the female character in classic noir novels and movies and in Scrivere o Uccidere by Vittorio Vandelli (Teatro Tempio, Modena)

In a masculine and misogynistic genre par excellence, the female figure is an unexpected protagonist: the dark ladies of Shakespearean derivation – beautiful, impossible and dangerous – are a constant presence in this genre. We meet them in the novels of the founding fathers R. Chandler and D. Hammett, in Bogart’s noir films and in contemporary writers such as the very popular Michael Connelly.

Come on, Let’s Go (TRC TV, 2023)

“A 12-episode journey into the language, entertainment and culture of the English-speaking world: music, cinema, literature, current affairs, media, and much more. Hosted by Vittorio vandelli and Maria Cristina Martinelli. A TRC TV production.