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Berlusconi’s way, the Italian way: a natutal born corrupt society

Clean Hands’ 25th anniversary: and they lived corruptively ever after

1992 is modern Italy’s D-year. It is the time of the death of the decadent First Republic and the birth of the more degenerate Second one, which is probably about to end these days. It is the year of Mani Pulite (Clean Hands, or Tangentopoli), an investigation that revealed the corruption of politics and business…

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Education in Italy (part two): the foul play of Berlusconi’s and Renzi’s reforms


In Education in Italy part one I describe the decline of the Italian Education system since the beginning of the new century and the birth of the scuola/azienda, of the student/customer and of the consumers’ school, with its parallel downgrading of the role of teachers and students. In this post I’ll try to present the…

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Mafia Capitale: dirty hands over the Eternal City


Mafia Capitale: a shocking Christmas gift to Italian people As I write in the introduction of my book on Berlusconi’s Italy, later that year [2014], we discovered that also Rome was not willing to stay behind [Milan and Venice, in which the ‘Expo 2015’  and the ‘Flood Barrier MOSE’ corruption cases had recently been discovered]. The…

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Genoa G8 summit in 2001: the days Berlusconi’s Italy went back to fascism


The police street violence at the Genoa G8  summit against the peaceful protesters and the raid at their headquarter – the Diaz school – in July 2001 is one of those episodes a country must be deeply ashamed of It was the Berlusconi governement’s deliberate plan to discredit and eliminate the anti-globalization movement which left a trail of blood behind. It was…

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Berlusconi’s legal problems: the ‘fake’ sentence in the corruption of senator De Gregorio’s trial

Silvio Berlusconi Sergio De Gregorio

Another leg of the Berlusconi’s legal problems saga: sentenced to pro forma three years in jail for corrupting opposition senator in the first trial. Why is il Cavaliere still (almost) untouchable by the law?  Here is another episode of the Berlusconi’s legal problems saga: On July 8, 2015, Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to three years in jail for…

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Silvio Berlusconi: 11 overwhelming questions


Silvio Berlusconi and the dark aspects of Italy: why writing a book  about them? Silvio Berlusconi is “not just any old charlatan”, as the Nov. 21, 2011 Newsweek cover reads.  As I have said time and again, Silvio Berlusconi’s ventennio (his twenty years in office) is a privileged observatory as far as the future of democracy is…

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