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I libri sono scudi, più resistenti e duraturi degli esseri umani. Lo sono perlomeno dall’inizio del secolo scorso, dai tempi del modernismo e dell’età dell’ansia; ancora di più oggi, nella società globale del neo-liberismo, dell’hi-tech, del pensiero unico. I regimi bruciano i libri, nei romanzi distopici sono sempre proibiti, nella società contemporanea anche la scuola…

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My movies 2020 – David Copperfield: likable adaptation of Dickens’ evergreen

  [English text (653 words) with audio +  translation in Italian  + video review in Italian / / Traduzione italiana dopo il testo originale e videorecensione]   click below to listen to the reading of the text After my tumultuous return to the movies with the fast-paced action thriller Tenet, my second screening took me back…

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My movies 2020 – Tenet


Tenet di C. Nolan – Supereroe alla 007 in un mondo fantascientifico: un gioco di specchi temporale che si rivela solo fine a se stesso Sono vogliosamente tornato al cinema dopo mesi di astinenza a vedere il primo film post Covid: quale amante della migliore tradizione hollywoodiana, del poliziesco d’azione e della science-fiction pensavo che…

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Adults in the Room – review


The courage, the stress, the loneliness, the fatigue, the hard work, the uncertainties, the toughness of a war voluntarily chosen for a high moral duty. What happens when you take on the establishment? In this blistering, personal account, world-famous economist Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda and exposes what actually goes on…

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My movies 2020: reviews, thoughts, impressions, links, suggestions from a movie lover (English and Italian)

Non c’è fine agli effetti collaterali del capitalismo post-moderno. Quando andrà in pensione, signor Loach, sicuramente ci mancherà Director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty have come storming back to Cannes with another tactlessly passionate bulletin from the heart of modern Britain, the land of zero-hours vassalage and service-economy serfdom – a film in the…

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My movies 2019: reviews, thoughts, impressions, links, suggestions from a movie lover (English and Italian)

  [CLICK IMAGE FOR ARTICLE]   Sorry Mr P. Bradshaw, but The Irishman is definitively not Martin Scorsese’s finest film for 30 years. It is a kind of Goodfellas part 2, same narrative technique, use of soundtrack, voice-over, multiple timeline narration and flashbacks. Same actors, looking sometimes like a pantomime of themselves: making them younger by computer…

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My movies 2019: Adults in the Room, the film: epic battle against the troika


This post is part of My Movies 2019: reviews, thoughts, impressions, links, suggestions from a movie lover and of Erosion of Democracy in Europe Varoufakis sparked one of the most spectacular and controversial battles in recent political history when, as finance minister of Greece of a radical government, he attempted to re-negotiate his country’s relationship with…

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– My movies 2019 -JOKER: pretty villain with a tender heart


Reviews, thoughts, impressions, links, suggestions from a movie lover (English and Italian) Even if the story is well-known – the good-hearted loser revenging the cruelty of a merciless society – J. Phoenix performance gives the character a decaying romantic touch that makes the movie: Reduced to a skeletal state … by a diet of nicotine and pain,…

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My movies 2018 – Hostiles: if you like classic Westerns, love and hate J. Wayne in The Searchers, don’t miss it


If you like classic Westerns, love and hate John Wayne in The Searchers, consider The last of the Mohicans a milestone of mythic American literature, don’t miss Hostiles. It is a quintessential Western movie, full of violence and hate, of understanding and hidden love, of fear and racial hatred, of courage and ethnic mixture, an…

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Review – ‘1984’ adaptation for the Italian stage: not a play about the past, but about us, now


Emilia Romagna Teatro has produced this stage adaptation of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four). The play is directed by Matthew Lenton, Artistic Director of Vanishing Point, a multi-award winning theatre company based in Glasgow, Scotland. The play is performed in Italian by young talented actors. As we all know, Italian politics and Big…

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